Any trial. Any court. Anytime.

Many former defense lawyers say they “know the insurance companies’ playbook.” The difference? Will Moye helped write it, and his opinions and advice were often the most reliable datapoint used by the industry on how much to settle a case for or if it should be tried at all. His experience, skill, and relationships make Will the lawyer you want on your side. 

Will Moye

Trial Adversary Turned Trusted Ally

There’s no substitute for a twenty-five-year career of courtroom advocacy, industry knowledge, and a readiness to take any fight to the courtroom. Will Moye has tried cases at both the state and federal level, in all of the state’s largest venues to some of its smallest. He’s litigated all manner of complex personal injury cases including trucking, oilfield casualty, workplace safety, industrial premises liability, and product liability matters. In short, Will has Texas covered.